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Written work

There should be a balance between the amount of written, oral and practical work done in all phases. Written work should always be done with a Learning Outcome in mind in order that the child practises, consolidates or demonstrates a developing skill. At least one piece of English writing should be completed weekly in all classes and one piece a fortnight in Afrikaans and Zulu. 

Control of Written Work

  • Children’s work, where possible, should be marked daily and corrections done where necessary. It is of greater value to do a correction once properly than many times incorrectly. Remember to check the spelling of dates and headings. Children must learn to transcribe accurately. Every effort should be made to assist the children to edit at least part of any written language exercise.
  • In exercises where children have copied from the board or another resource, their attention should be drawn to transcription errors.
  • In spelling/language exercises all spelling and grammar should be corrected formatively so that the learning outcomes are addressed.
  • The value of positive, encouraging remarks in children’s books cannot be sufficiently emphasised.