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Pre-Prep Co-Curricular Activities (Outside Specialists)

Since our philosophy at Pre Preparatory level is ‘learn by play’, we do not offer a programme of formal co-curricular activities. Instead, we facilitate the provision of a wide variety of activities in which parents may choose to enrol their children. The activities are aimed at various age-groups and take cognisance of the general maturity and interest of the children. In the interests of the safety of our children, they are collected from and brought back to their classrooms at the end of all co-curricular activities by the person in charge of the activity. Parents are expected to fetch the children from their classrooms.

It is vital that children learn to swim and so we recommend that all children attend private swimming lessons to ensure that they are ‘water safe’. Should you not wish to make use of the services of Drew Ross-Ashby, please enrol your child for lessons at another swimming school as soon as possible.

The activities listed below will be offered as optional extras for your own account. All payments should be made via EFT or directly to the person concerned please – teachers are not involved in the collection of monies at all. Parents are required to give written notification, to teachers and coaches, should they wish to withdraw their children from any afternoon activity.

Please click here for more information on fees and contact information.

ActivityGradeContact PersonContact
Active Aquatics000
Drew Ross-Ashby082 922 1929
Michele Le Roux 083 400 7376
Brix ‘n Blox000 - REleanor Ward083 267 7672
Cricket00 - 7Guy Bowler082 365 8218
Dance Mouse000 - RWendy Robinson083 387 7771
Football00 - 7Guy Bowler082 365 8218
Golf000 - RDave Lewis082 731 8648
Monkeynastix000 - RLynne Hiom072 463 9606
Playball000 - RHeidi Skinner083 298 7969
Tennis000 - 7Kate Dixon084 444 8421
Karate 000 - RDonnie Marx083 231 1502
Sports Champs 00 - RJess Wolhuter072 114 648