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Senior Prep Notices 26 May 2017

FAMSA Courses: Our Grades Five, Six and Seven children will be having their FAMSA courses on Monday and Tuesday next week. The content of what is covered in these sessions was explained to parents at the Parent Talk on Wednesday evening. The courses cover a range of basic body changes that children go through during puberty and equip them with skills on how to deal with these changes on an emotional level. As part of ongoing support, parents are encouraged to discuss the FAMSA courses with their children before, during and after the FAMSA courses. These discussions are considered valuable in helping children understand the changes to their bodies and also for them to know that they are support by their parents through this process.

Channels of communication: This is a reminder to all our parents to please utilise the available  channels of communication when there are matters of concern to raise with the school. The first ‘port of call’ must always be the subject teacher if it is an academic matter. All other concerns should be raised with either the class teacher or the Grade Co-ordinator. In this way, we will then be able to expedite the process and address concerns early. Please click here for the list of the Senior Prep teachers. 

Sport: The U9, U10 and U12 knockout games have been postponed to the 5 June 2017 due to King David Victory Park being closed for religious holidays.

Derby Day:  Save the date for the Annual Grayston Preparatory School Derby Day will be held on Saturday, 10 June 2017. There will be a variety of food and refreshments on sale and families are most welcome to come and support the sports teams.

Grayston Carnival: It’s Carnival Time again on Saturday, 8 July 2017.  Please join us for a fantastic, fun day out for the whole family! There will be Interhouse football and netball, lots of yummy food, drinks and hot coffee. More information to follow. 

Lost & Found: Rene’ Kruger’s blazer has been misplaced. If found, kindly return it to Reception.


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