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Senior Prep Notices 13March2015

GPS Core Value PERSEVERANCE PosterWe continue to focus on the value of perseverance this week. As we understand the value and define it, we are endeavouring to get the children to understand our definition of perseverance. We have defined perseverance as the steady persistence in a course of action, a purpose, a state, etc., especially in spite of difficulties, obstacles, or discouragement.

While reading a variety of material in the newspapers this past week and research in preparation for a presentation later in the month, I thought I would share some insights I have gathered from the reading. Kumar Sangakkara became the first batsman to score four consecutive one-day centuries during the World Cup game against Scotland in Hobart. In an interview reported in the press following the match, he speaks of why he believes his team and he are performing so well at the event. He says the following, “As long as we enjoy ourselves and believe we can do it, then we can go far.”. “The key for us is the way we enjoy our cricket. As long as there is a smile on our face, then that is what matters most. I would love to see myself, and all of us, on the winning podium, but you can’t want it too much. We just need to keep focused and work hard each day.”

Often as parents our facial expressions say more to our children than the words we utter. We need to ensure that we do not remove the smiles from our children’s faces and ensure that they have fun and enjoy all that they do in the schooling environment.

David Shenk writes about intelligence as not being fixed but waiting to be developed. Athletic ability is not preordained but awaits training. Musical ability lies dormant in us, calling for early and sustained incantation. All of these are a function of influence and process. As parents, we need to ensure that we influence this development in a positive manner and find the process that produces the best possible individual.

He highlights four key elements that will assist parents and teachers in developing the best possible individuals. The first is to believe; this is highlighted in the Suzuki method of teaching violin, which begins with the simple faith that each child has enormous potential and that it is up to us to muster whatever resources we can to exploit that potential. Secondly, to support our children’s endeavours but not to smother them. As parents, we need to support our children’s endeavour’s, but not reward and punish based on their performance. Ideally we should show faith in the child’s ability to seek achievement for his or her own satisfaction. Thirdly, we can control the pace of achievement and develop persistence. Our children often receive instant gratification in the various activities that they are involved in. However, Einstein states that persistence is the difference between mediocrity and enormous success. We need to let them learn from frustration and want, and let them learn that things will be alright if they have to wait for what they want. Finally, he speaks about embracing failure; biologists highlight that human development is set up to be a response to problems and failures. As the adults in the process, we are supposed to present, monitor and modulate challenges, as this will lead to future successes for the children in our care.

I hope that you will find the points raised of interest and will continue to support the school in developing your child into the best individual they can be by learning the value of perseverance and finding enjoyment in all they do.

Assembly seating: We ask that parents enjoy the seating and comfort upstairs in the gallery when attending assemblies as the seating provided in the hall is intended for the Grade 7 children and teaching staff. This will allow for more space for the children in the hall and assist with the presentation of awards and recognition.

Grayston Prep Biathle Challenge:  This year’s Grayston Biathle Challenge will take place on Friday, 27 March 2015. Please note that participation by all Grade 7 children, whether competing or helping, is compulsory. If you would like to participate please click here to view the entry form.

Senior Prep Open Morning: Just a reminder that the SP Open morning has moved from Friday, 20 March to Monday, 30 March. Parents are invited to come and spend a morning, or part thereof, with their child. The morning will run from 7:30am until 10:10am. Tea, coffee and breakfast snacks will be available.

Cake and Candy Sale: The Grade 7s will be holding a Cake and Candy sale on Thursday, 2 April 2015 on Martha’s Lawn. Please support their fundraising efforts and come along and purchase their delicious baked treats.

Grayston Prep Golf Day: Please join us at this year’s Grayston Prep Golf Day on Wednesday, 8 April 2015 to be held at Johannesburg Country Club, Woodmead Course.  Entries are now open for fourballs and sponsorship so please contact Heather Kruger on to secure your booking.

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