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Senior Prep Notices 10July2015


A focus for the remainder of the term will be on Grooming, Grounds and Greeting.
Grooming refers to individual appearance. Important aspects of this include not only wearing the correct uniform, but wearing it neatly. It also encompasses hair and personal hygiene (washing of hands and face, etc.).
Grounds includes awareness of litter, lost property and school and extra-mural bags being left in an orderly and neat fashion.
Greeting is an essential life skill. Greeting someone is a sign of respect. It is a way of saying “I see you – you are important to me”.  Done correctly it inspires engagement and relationship. This is the basis of a sense of community, of mutual respect and acknowledgement.
You can play your part in this initiative. As we encourage the pupils to engage in these three important aspects of school life, you can support us through your actions at home and on the Grayston campus in the following ways:
  • When greeted, please greet back in a friendly manner.
  • Greet others that you may meet while about your daily business, especially when in the company of your children.
  • Encourage your children to leave their bags in the designated areas.
  • Encourage your children to clean up after themselves. It is very effective if you lead by example in this area, showing that you notice litter and that it is easy to make a big difference through a small action.
  • Encourage your children to put their belongings into their bags or lockers immediately so as to avoid losing them,or having to tidy them up later.

Photo Week:  This is a reminder of the upcoming Grayston sport team photo week which will run from Monday, 13 July until Friday, 17 July. We WILL NOT require the children to change into their various sport match kits, therefore the required dress code for the children for the duration of the week will be as follows;

  • JP – full tracksuits everyday
  • SP – full Winter uniforms everyday.

Those children who were not included in the individual photo week earlier this year, due to being absent, will be included in a special run of individual photos which will take place once all of the sport photos have been taken. This will take place either Thursday or Friday next week.

SP Parent Consultations: Please note that the date for the upcoming SP Parent Consultations has changed from Wednesday, 5 August to Thursday, 6 August. The times remain unchanged at 4:00pm until 7:00pm.

Mandela Day Blanket Drive: We encourage every Grayston child to contribute a blanket to our Mandela Day Blanket Drive. These blankets may be new or secondhand, large or small – even baby blankets would be great. If every child brings one blanket we will be able to make a difference to 650 people in our city who are finding winter unbearable. Let’s follow the example of Nelson Mandela and honour his birthday on 18 July in this way!

Uniform: Please assist us by ensuring that your children wear their correct school uniforms. Beanies and scarves must be ‘Grayston issue’.

Parenting 101 Workshop: The workshop is suitable for parents of any child, whether you have tots or teens who love screens. Its also an enlightening presentation for those who work with children and parents, from educators to therapists and wellness professionals. Brought to you by the Johannesburg Child Welfare. The workshop will be held on Thursday, 16 July 2015 from 6:30pm to 9:00pm at Grayston Preparatory School at a cost of R250.00 per person. Special guest speakers include Nikki Bush and Mark Khoury. Books by each of the speakers will be on sale to guests at the event. All the proceeds from this event will go directly towards Johannesburg Child Welfare Child Care and Protection Services.  Booking is essential. Contact Tracey on 011 298 8567 or with the following information:

  • Number of tickets required
  • Number of guests
  • Contact number
  • Email address

Proof of payment to confirm the booking must be sent to or visit and follow the link for bookings and payments.

House Plays: We are very excited about the upcoming House Plays. Roles and scripts have been issued, and the practices will commence in due course. Initially, wherever possible, these practices will be within the school day. Pupils who are not involved in these practices will be engaged in grade specific and curriculum-integrated tasks. There will be some co-curricular time used for practicing in the week commencing 20 July. A detailed rehearsal schedule will be given to the performers. Performances of the House Plays will be on Monday, 3 August at 2:00pm and Tuesday, 4 August at 6:00pm. Information regarding the procedure for booking of tickets will follow.

Grade 7 Outreach Committee:  Each year Grayston Prep makes a difference to many people’s lives, especially hundreds of children in Diepsloot. This year will be no exception. Each Grade will contribute different items for the Santa Shoeboxes at the end of the year. We hope to make at least 450 boxes which means that each child will need to bring in at least 4 to 5 items.

  • Pre-Prep – Wax crayons and chalk
  • Grade 1  – Toothbrushes
  • Grade 2  – Toothpaste
  • Grade 3  – Vaseline
  • Grade 4  – A5 colouring books or notebooks
  • Grade 5  – Pencil crayons and sharpeners
  • Grade 6  – Soap
  • Grade 7  – Face clothes
  • Teachers – hand cream/ or something special for the teacher’s boxes.

Help us reach our target!

Morning Prayer Group: Due to the building renovations, the Tuesday morning prayer group will now be meeting in the Aftercare classroom every Tuesday morning at 7:00am. Please feel free to join.

The Week Ahead

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