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Technology in the Classroom

Technology is an integral part of the education process at Grayston Preparatory School. Learners are first introduced to technology at school in their Grade R year, where the emphasis is on building their confidence. They are exposed to desktop computers using a Windows operating system, iPads and a Promethean ActivTable to develop skills and explore topics covered in class.

In the Junior Prep (JP) phase, we continue to expose the learners to a variety of devices and the focus moves from being consumers to creators with learners creating their own content on various platforms, such as multimedia digital books and digital drawings. They are also introduced to the concept of digital citizenship and safe use of the Internet. JP classrooms are equipped with SmartBoards and portable devices for interactive learning. Microsoft Office products are introduced and learners explore basic programming concepts.

Our Senior Prep (SP) phase learners work within the Google Apps for Education ecosystem and make use of desktop devices that have the Windows operating system or Apple iOs. There are also iPad devices and each class is equipped with SmartBoards. The emphasis within these environments is on content creation and learners use a variety of apps and programs to present knowledge in the form of movies, presentations, written work, etc. Typing is a core skill that is developed throughout the SP phase and programming concepts continue to be introduced each year at a higher level. Internet research and the need to cite references is key to all work submitted and assignments are integrated into class topics.

Grayston learners are more than adequately prepared for the challenges of high school through their experiences with technology, within whatever environment their chosen high school operates.