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Pre Preparatory

Grayston Pre-PrepGrayston Preparatory has three different grade levels in the Pre Prep Department: Grade 000, Grade 00 and Grade R. Class sizes vary according to grade from 16 to 24 children per class.

Activities focus on the strengths of the children in order to build confidence and prepare them for the years ahead.  The learning experience is fun and interactive and the emphasis is on learning through play.  The curriculum includes Literacy, Mathematics and Life Skills and the programme at all levels is a structured yet informal one.

Parental support and involvement at this level are vital. Parents are encouraged to participate in our daily programme by taking children to the library, reading stories and assisting the teacher in the class during our puzzles and games mornings.

The Grade 00 and Grade R children are involved in our Care Bear programme.  In this initiative, two to three children are assigned to a Grade 7 learner. Through interaction between our oldest and youngest children, relationships are developed in which the little ones look up to our most senior children as their mentors and friends. The Grade 7s in turn, develop a better understanding of our youngest children.

There is a wide variety of co-curricular activities on offer. These include both sporting and art activities. Most are organised privately through outside coaches and teachers and therefore come at an extra cost.