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Grayston PrepSandown Primary LogoGrayston Preparatory School is proudly South African. Our school crest has significant historical meaning. Prior to privatisation on 1 January 1994, the school operated as a public school known then as Sandown Primary School. Originally the school was located in Sandown where the Sandton Library is now situated. The increase in enrolment numbers prompted the authorities to move the school to the existing site nearly thirty years ago in 1977.

Sandton, as we know it today, did not exist back in the sixties.  The area then was predominantly farming land. The school was built on a portion of land that included stables and a river (running through what is now Strathavon). The school’s crest was designed, not only to reflect the location of the school, but also the involvement of the parent, learner and teacher in the education of our children and future generations to come. Our unique crest was registered with the Department of Heraldry in 1993.

The three stars represent the parent, learner and teacher. The centre star (the child) is positioned higher than the other two, demonstrating the importance of the child in this partnership. The horse signifies the location, the original Grayston stables. The river strategically placed under the horse figure represents the river that runs through Strathavon, bringing new life to the community. Our school motto, Ad Futura, translates into “Towards the Future”.

Grayston Preparatory School goes forward proudly, “Holding the Hand that Holds the Future”.