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Grayston EquestrianThe School’s co-curricular programme is an integral part of the educational process. Sport gives the pupils opportunities to develop values and skills that will be of benefit to them throughout their lives. We promote an outgoing, healthy, physically active life style where enjoyable physical action is the norm, where the place of competition is understood and where the countless sporting values learnt are carried over into one’s personal life. Cultural activities are offered by teaching and additional staff. The school attempts to find a balance between the sporting and cultural activities. 

Sport is a way of life for a vast majority of children at a school. To represent the School, no matter at what level of competition, gives the individual a sense of belonging and a sense of pride knowing that he/she has contributed to the sporting life of the school. Learning to be humble in victory and graceful in defeat, camaraderie, pride in oneself and one’s school, expressing different emotions, forming long lasting friendships, boosting one’s self esteem and being exposed to different levels of competition are just a few of the values and skills to which pupils are exposed.  Developing a sense of team work, the values of sportsmanship and decision making skills are critical elements of the sporting programme.  It is compulsory for pupils to take part in sport and a wide choice is available. Exemption on medical or other grounds may be granted by the Headmaster.  While participation in sport is physically beneficial, it is also important that enjoyment is derived from such involvement. Each class has regular Physical Education lessons as part of the morning programme.

We aim to develop the pupils’ interests in a variety of cultural activities outside of the formal learning environment. As a result, opportunities are provided for children to participate in afternoon activities such as art club, craft club and various performing groups.  Drama is integrated into the English curriculum and pupils frequently perform on stage in their class assemblies, the annual concert, the Choral Verse and Best Speaker Festivals. 

All children benefit from class music lessons from Grade 000 to Grade 7.  They learn to play the recorder from Grade 3, use the Orff instruments from Grade 00 and play the Marimba from Grade 5. Children are able to join the various Orff Bands, Marima Bands and the Senior Choir.  Participation in any of these activities is regarded as an official extramural activity.  In addition to this, the Grayston Music Centre offers individual tuition by specialist instrumental teachers in a variety of instruments – piano, voice, drums, violin, flute and guitar.