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Pre Prep Notices Thursday 15 June 2017

Pre Prep Dads’ Day: Thank you to the dads who turned out in full force this morning  and entered into the spirit of ‘being pirates’ so readily. The children loved having you at school and we hope that you enjoyed the time spent with your littles ones. Thank you to the Pre Prep staff for the hard work that went into preparing for the event!

Youth Day: South Africa celebrates Youth Day tomorrow, 16 June which is a public holiday. We wish all our families a relaxing long weekend.

Exeat Week: School closes for the Exeat Week on Friday, 23 June at 13:15 and          re-opens on Monday, 3 July.

Grayston Carnival: It’s carnival time again on Saturday, 08 July. Please join us for a fantastic, fun day out for the whole family! There will be Interhouse football and netball, lots of yummy food, drinks and hot coffee. Armbands are on sale from the Grayston Cafe for R120.00.

Staff News: Ms Jacobs and Mrs Mulholland will be attending a Reggio Course at St Mary’s from Tuesday, 20 June to Thursday, 22 June and the children will be in the care of our capable classroom assistants.  Should you have any concerns during this time, please contact Ms Johnson at

Winter Term Reports: The children will be bringing their Winter Term Reports home on Friday, 23 June. These will show the progress your children have made in the first six months of the year. We would appreciate it if you would sign and return the reply slip on Monday, 3 July. Should you wish to discuss any concerns you have related to the reports, please contact the class teacher to make an appointment.

Parent Parking: We urge all parents and drivers to be please be courteous and mindful of others on the roads. Please drive slowly and don’t double park. Everyone is in a rush and your considerate behaviour can avoid many frustrations at drop off and collection times.

Security at Grayston: Grayston has experienced two incidents of car theft or attempted car theft in the last two weeks. We ask parents to please be vigilant when dropping off and picking up children. As much as our security guards can try to help, it is their primary role to keep a watchful eye on the children as they leave and enter the school. Extra security is always arranged for functions, such as the Derby Day and the upcoming Carnival.

Midterm Kids Club Holiday Programme: Please click here to view our exciting June holiday care programme.

Holiday Clinics: There will be a number of sport clinics and workshops on offer at Grayston Prep during the upcoming June midterm.  Please consult the Holiday Clubs for June list on our Sports Fixtures page on the Grayston Prep website for more details or click here.

Interesting Books To Warm Up Winter: Please click here to view the interesting books available from our Grayston Library. 

Grade 000

  • Our theme for next week will be Pets. We are quite sure that the children will have some interesting item or book related to this theme to share during ‘show and tell’.
  • Our baker for Monday, 19 June is Seyhara Moodley.

Grade 00

  • What fun the children have had investigating Space! They practised moving like an astronaut in space and have learnt all about our Solar System.
  • Our bakers for Monday, 19 June are Payal Patel and Noa Reardon.

Grade R

  • Our next theme is Transport.
  • We will be introducing the letter Nn next week.
  • Our bakers for Monday, 19 June are Aashi Lalloo, Botshelo Moseneke and Kytara Moodley.
  • This week, the children learned how to set the table. Do let them show you how clever they are over the weekend!
  • We make a special appeal to parents to get their children to school on time to start the day at 07:30. Late comers cause a disruption to the morning routine and it is disconcerting for them to miss the beginning of the day.
  • Please limit screen time for your little ones. They would be far better occupied playing outside or sharing a book with you.



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