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Pre Prep Notices 5 February 2016

Grade 7 Care Bears

PrePrep Class Party: We were blessed with wonderful weather for last Friday evening’s class party and would like to thank all the families who attended. There was a great vibe and it was good to see the children enjoying themselves while their parents acquainted themselves with new faces.

Themes: Next week our focus in Grade R and Grade 00 will be My Body. The Grade 000 children will learn about Healthy Habits.

Cookie Day: The bakers for Monday, 8 February are Elliott Campbell, Emerica Belrose, Ina Blose, Kimeya Govender, Muhammad Banoo and Matthew Crerar. Please spend some time baking with your children this weekend.

Grade RA Swimming: The Grade RA girls swim on a Thursday and the boys on a Friday. Apologies for last week’s incorrect information.

Help: The Phys Ed department is looking for clean, empty 1 and 2 litre milk cartons (the ones with handles), cereal boxes and old sheets to use for various movement and sensory activities. Please deliver these recyclable items to the class teachers and the coaches will collect them from there.

Pick Up Time: The Grade R and Grade 00 teachers remind you that the school day ends at 12:55. It is quite disruptive to have children collected early and so we would appreciate your prompt arrival at the close of the day but not before.

Library Books: Please make sure that your child returns his library book before the weekly library day.

Grade R Letter of the Week: Please practise the formation of the letters Aa, Bb and Cc using the letter formation sheet which was sent home. Next week, we will introduce the letter Dd. Children are encouraged to bring pictures or items for ‘show and tell’ that have this letter in the name.

Grade R Sensory Day: This entertaining event will take place on Friday, 12 February. The Grade R children need to come to school dressed in old clothes and bring their uniforms to change into once they have rolled, splashed and played in a variety of substances!

Grade R Toothbrushes: Please send your Grade R children to school with their toothbrushes as follows – RA Tuesday, 9 February; RB Wednesday, 10 February; RC Thursday, 11 February.

Care Bears: Amidst much excitement, the Grade Seven Care Bears visited their Cubs (your children) for the first time on Thursday. Each Cub will have brought home letter of introduction from his/her Care Bear and it would be wonderful if you could encourage your child to acknowledge this letter with a picture that he/she has drawn for his/her Care Bear.

School Photos: Please diarise Thursday, 11 February 2016 and Friday, 12 February 2016 as individual school photographs will be taken.

Academic Support Unit: Grayston’s Academic Support Unit has a number of therapists on campus to provide support for our children. The unit comprises a psychologist, a speech and language therapist, a remedial therapist, an OT as well as a sensory integration therapist. Parents are free to speak to their class or subject teachers if they require any of these services.

Timetable: Having run the timetable issued at the beginning of the year, we have found a number of issues with the balance of subjects, especially in the Senior Prep. The timetable has been revised and will be issued to children on Monday during the first lesson. There is no Physical Education for the Senior Prep children this Monday, 8 February 2016. The changes have allowed for an English and Maths lesson everyday and to balance the time allocated to the content subjects equally over the red and blue weeks. Please bare with us we effect the change that we are sure will be to the benefit of the children in balancing their workloads.

Dates to Remember: School will be open on the following dates Tuesday, 22 March, Wednesday 23 March and Thursday 24 March 2016.

Parenting In The Digital Age Workshop, Strategies, Tips and Guidance: Mobile devices and the internet offer your children an infinite world of possibilities. Exciting, creative and innovative. How do you keep this experience positive? Join our Parenting in the digital age workshop. The following topics will be covered:

  • Understanding your child’s use of technology
  • The benefits and potential challenges around technology use
  • How to guide children in appropriate and safe interactions
  • Guidance on iPad restrictions to support safe usage
  • The law surrounding technology usage

For more info contact

Lightning Procedure: We would like to remind parents of the procedures we have in place at Grayston in the event that our Lightning Alarm is activated.

  1. As soon as the Siren sounds the fields, pool, tennis courts or any outside activity will cease immediately.
  2. The children, staff, parents and visitors must be evacuated to a safe venue.
  3. The children will be supervised by staff until they are fetched by a parent or until we have received an “all clear” indication.
  4. In the event that it is at the end of the school day, the children will remain in the classroom with the teacher until a parent fetches them or until the next activity begins.

Children will not be allowed to wait at the school gate. They will most often be in the classroom of the coach or teacher, the pavilion, the school hall, or in some instances the closest safe building when the alarm activated.

Please ensure that you also take suitable precautions when fetching your child and on the way to and from your car.

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