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Pre Prep Notices 31 March 2017

Grandparents’ Tea Party: This annual event is to be held on Wednesday, 12 April from 10:30 until 12:00 noon. We would appreciate it if our guests could be seated by 10:20. Please note that the Pre Prep children will be sitting on stands on the hall floor in front of the stage. We suggest, therefore, that their grandparents find seats in the gallery so that they look down on the children. After the entertainment in the hall, the children and their guests will have tea together in the Pre Prep playground. With your permission, the children are welcome to go home with their guests. School will close at 12:00 for the holidays but aftercare will function as usual.

Library Books: All library books must be returned by Friday, 31 March.

School Resources: Every now and then, some of our school resources seem to find their way into the children’s bags in error. If you find any of these items, please return them to school – no questions asked!

Grade 000

  • This week, the Grade 000 children learnt about emotions while reading the book, The Day the Crayons Quit.
  • Next week, they will investigate Shapes.
  • We made potato salad during baking this week. Please click here to view the recipe. 
  • Please remember to help your child choose something to bring to school for ‘show and tell’ every Wednesday.

Grade 00

  • The Grade 00 children will continue their voyage Under The Sea next week.
  • They had great fun making potato salad during their baking session this week. Please click here to view the recipe. We will be embarking on a project about sharks next week and encourage you to help your child find information to share with the class.

Grade R

  • The Grade R children will be introduced to the letter Ii next week.
  • They have embarked on their trip Around the World and their ‘passports’ will soon be filled with a record of many adventures.
  • The ‘library’ and ‘puzzles and games’ duty rosters for the Winter Term are displayed in the classrooms. We would appreciate your assistance with these activities. Please choose a slot that is convenient for you.
  • The bakers for Monday, 3 April are Annabelle Gwilt, Kofi Hinson and Jason Kantor.
  • HELP! We need 80 large cardboard removal boxes for a project that is to take place next term. If you have any connections and are able to assist us in this regard, please let the class teacher know.

April Holiday Care: Come and have fun at the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Holiday Care. Activities include chocolate fountain, rock candy making, biscuit tea cups, candy decorating with condensed milk paint and much more. Looking forward to seeing you all there. Please note Holiday Care will be closed on all Public Holidays and Friday, 28 April 2017.

Morning Bus Service From Grayston Prep to St Peter’s College: St Peter’s College is exploring the viability of running a morning bus from Grayston Prep to the College in Sunninghill. If you have an older child already in the College or are considering enrolling your child into St Peter’s College for high school – please indicate your level of interest in a bus service via the online form available here:
Please feel free to contact St Peter’s College Marketing Manager, Theresa Monoyoudis on 087 00 00 319 or if you have any questions or would like more information about the College.
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