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Pre-Prep Notices 29 July 2016

Pre Prep Bike Day

Themes: Next week, the Grade R and Grade 000 children will focus on The Olympic Games while the Grade 00 study of Dinosaurs will continue. We encourage the Grade R children to collect pictures or articles about the Olympic Games to add to our classroom news boards.

Cookie Day: Our bakers for Monday, 1 August are Shivan Moodley and Kofi Hinson.

Parent Volunteers: Duty rosters for the weekly ‘puzzles and games’ and library sessions for the Spring Term will be displayed in the classrooms. Please add your names to the list if you are able to assist us.

Grade R Practice: Grade R children are encouraged to practice naming and forming the letters Aa to Qq and to practice counting forwards to 20 and backwards from 15. While driving, see if your children can recognise the numbers and letters on car registration plates.

Reminder: Please return all library books as well as the report reply slips.

Toys and Cards at School: We remind parents that children may not bring toys to school except for the purpose of ‘show and tell’. The current Pick ‘n Pay collectable cards, Angry Bird cards and similar items fall into this category. The children inevitably become involved in squabbles, cards get lost, torn or taken and then all mayhem breaks loose!

Puzzles and Games: The children are invited to bring a puzzle or game from home to share with their friends for the last ‘puzzles and games’ session of the term.

Collection: Please collect used magazines (with appropriate content) and newspapers for use in the classrooms.

Attention Grade RC: Ms Jacobs will be attending the Proudly Primary Conference in Natal on Thursday and Friday of next week. Grade RC will be in the capable care of Ashleigh Watson during this time.

Attention Grade 000: Our youngest class will end the term with a movie day on Friday, 5 August. To link with their most recent theme, they will be watching Zootropolis and are invited to bring a blanket and a teddy to snuggle up to while they watch!

Staff News: Jo Atter, our remedial therapist, will unfortunately be leaving us at the end of the term. We wish her the best of luck in her move to Cape Town and thank her for everything she has done for our children. Creslynn Alexander will be taking over the remedial post from the third term.

Slipper Day: Slipper day is fun initiative that creates awareness for the “Reach For A Dream Foundation” whilst raising funds to make more dreams a reality for children fighting life threatening illnesses. In order to participate, all you need to do is buy a R10 sticker for your child to be able to wear their slippers to school on Friday, 5 August. Please place your orders through your child’s class teacher and stickers will be distributed on Thursday, 4 August.

Holidays: The Winter Term ends at 12:00 noon on Friday, 5 August and school re-opens on Tuesday, 6 September. We wish you all a relaxed holiday and hope that you will enjoy some valuable family time during this period.

Election Day: A reminder that school will be closed on Wednesday, 3 August to enable South Africans to go to the polls.

Holiday Care: Imagine being able to create fantastic toys that move up & down, have spinning propeller or open to reveal a secret private treasure. Now you can with “The Toymaker’s Workshop” taking place during the August Holidays from 10 August – 5 September 2016. No Aftercare will take place on Monday, 8 August 2016. Attendance for Option 1 aftercare kids is free and R200 for all other Grayston children with meals, snacks & art supplies included.

The Week Ahead

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