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Pre Prep Notices 26 May 2017

SEESAW: We urge you to sign-up for the SEESAW app so that you will have access to photographs documenting your child’s learning. It is very easy to use and can be accessed on you tablet, phone or computer.

Need 2 Read Initiative: If anyone would like to donate gently used or new books suitable for children ages 0 to 13 to Sheldon Spears Need 2 Read initiative, please hand them to your class teacher before next Friday. Faye Blakeney will ensure that they are passed on to Sheldon.

Eye and Ear Screening: The eye screenings have been completed and reports sent home. Please schedule a follow-up appointment if this was recommended. The hearing screenings will be done on 13 & 14 June. Please return the consent forms to the class teacher as soon as possible.

Care Bears and Cubs Movie Afternoon: Our thanks go to the Grade Seven Care Bears and teachers for the wonderful movie afternoon which the Grade 00 and Grade R Cubs enjoyed. Excitement ran high all day and the little ones had a wonderful time!

Grayston Carnival: It’s Carnival Time again on Saturday, 8 July 2017.  Please join us for a fantastic, fun day out for the whole family! There will be Interhouse football and netball, lots of yummy food, drinks and hot coffee. More information to follow. 

Grade 000

  • Our theme, Things That Go, will continue next week with an emphasis on Air and Space.
  • Please be sure to pack sufficient food for a healthy snack and lunch. The little ones need a bit more to sustain them through the cooler days of winter.
  • This week we created Snow White’s House during baking. Please click here for the recipe. 
  • Zara Kershaw is our baker for Cookie Day on Monday, 29 May.

Grade 00

  • The theme of Transport continues next week.
  • Our bakers for Monday, 29 May are Spencer Cutter and Mohammed Dawood.
  • Oliver-James Vorster has lost his shoes. They are a size 1 and are labelled on the tongue of the shoe.
  • We request that tuckshop lunches are a once a week treat rather than a daily occurrence.
  • This week we created Snow White’s House during baking. Please click here for the recipe.

Grade R

  • The theme of Once Upon A Time continues next week.
  • We will be introducing the letter Mnnext week and encourage children to bring items from home which have this letter in their names.
  • The Grade R children will be holding their annual ‘mums and dads tea party’ on Friday, 2 June. This event is for the children only – they should come dressed as mums and dads and will enjoy a traditional tea party. Please send a change of clothes in their bags.
  • Our bakers for Monday, 29 May are Mila Kershaw, Declan Kohloffel and Michelle Maher.
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