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Pre Prep Notices 22 January 2016

IMG_1426Themes: Next week the Grade 000 children will be focusing on This is Me, the Grade 00 children will learn about Me, My Family and My Home while the Grade R classes will investigate Me and My Body.

Help needed: The ‘puzzles and games’ and ‘library’ rosters for the Grade R classes have been placed in the classrooms, either on the teacher’s white board or on the notice board on the glass doors. Please add your name to the roster/s if you are able to spare the time to assist us with these activities.

Cookie Day: The first Cookie Day of the year will be on Monday, 25 January. Our bakers for the occasion are Anaya Ayodi, Zara Bagratee, Luyanda Bako, Rebecca Buccholtz, Eva Achilleoudes and Isabella Akeroyd. For your convenience, we are sending a hard copy of the Cookie Day roster home with the children.

Pre Prep Class Party: Our annual Pre Prep class party will take place on Friday, 29 January. We invite all our Pre Prep families to pack a picnic basket and join us from 17:00 to 19:00 that evening. The Grade 000 and Grade 00 classes will gather on the Pre Prep playground while the Grade R families will meet on the Junior Prep playground. We will label various areas of the playgrounds and encourage you to congregate in class groups so that you get to meet the other parents and children in the class.

Birthdays: There was an overwhelming response to the sale of birthday books on Tuesday evening and we would like to thank you all for your generosity. We wish all our January ‘babies’ a happy birthday. This term we will celebrate the children’s birthdays with the traditional cupcakes at the end of each month.

Co-curricular Activities: Most of the activities have already started. Please ensure that you contact the service providers directly to enrol your children in the various activities. Ticking the form on which the activities were listed for your information does not guarantee enrolment but indicates to us that you have enrolled your child. Playball will commence on Monday, 1 February.

Documentation: Please remember to complete all the documentation that was sent home on the first day. It is particularly important that you complete the medical form (including Section C).

Chairbags and Bookbags: Children who were at Grayston last year are asked to bring the chairbags (Grade 00) and bookbags (Grade 000 and Grade 00) that were sent home for washing in December to school. Children who are new to Grayston will receive these items shortly. If you have mislaid these bags and need to purchase new ones, please inform the teacher and your school account will be debited with the replacement cost.

Swimming: Our Grade 00 and Grade R children swim during their PE lessons as follows – Grade RB  (Nicholson) and RC (Jacobs) girls on Tuesdays and Boys on Fridays; Grade RA (Stewart) girls on Wednesdays and boys on Thursdays; Grade 00 girls on Tuesdays in Red Week; Grade 00 boys on Tuesdays in Blue Week.

Please ensure that the children bring their Grayston swimming caps, costumes and rash vests as well as towels and goggles if necessary. It is essential that every item of clothing is clearly labelled with the child’s name.

Grade R Reminders:

  • The ‘puzzles and games’ and library sessions will commence in the week of 25 January.
  • ‘Show and tell’ takes place on a Monday.
  • The children have been introduced to the letter Aa. You are asked to send objects or pictures to school that contain this letter in the word. We would also appreciate it if you would practise naming and forming the letter as per the letter formation chart that was sent home.
  • Next week, the focus will be on the letter Bb. Please send in pictures or objects containing that letter.

Dates to Diarise: To facilitate your forward planning, the following is a list of dates that involve you, as parents. We reserve the right to change any of these dates should it be necessary to do so. Please check the Grayston Calendar periodically for updates.

Friday 29 January 17:00 – 19:00 Pre Prep Class Party

Tuesday 9 February 07:30 Class Mums’/Dads’ Tea

Thursday 31 March 07:30 Specialist Open Morning

Friday 8 April 10:30 Grandparents’ Tea Party

Saturday 14 May Pre Prep Mums’ Brunch

Monday 30 May 18:00 Grayston AGM

Saturday 11 June Grayston Carnival and Inter-house Netball/Football

Tuesday 21 June 07:30 Pre Prep Dads’ Day

Saturday 29 October 08:30 Pre Prep Sports Day

Wednesday 2 November Pre Prep Assembly

Saturday 5 November 09:00 Grade One/Pre Prep Welcome 2017

Tuesday 8 November 17:30 Carols Evening

Netball Champs: Coach Jess and Coach Lauren’s Netball Champs will take place every Thursday from 12h55 till 13h40. Please click here for more information.

Outreach, “Project Hydration”: Imagine a world with no water, a place where nothing grows, animals don’t survive and people suffer from dehydration. This is the sad situation in some places in the country. As we all know, there has been an ongoing drought for the past few months in some areas of the country and there are general water restrictions and sometimes no water at all in some places in South Africa. Without water people cannot grow crops, give animals water to drink nor have any water to drink for themselves. I am quite sure none of us would like to live in these conditions, but there is a way that we can help.

This week for Outreach, we will be participating in “Project Hydration”. This is a way to donate water to places such as those with water restrictions and sever water shortages. This has made a difference in these areas as every drop of water counts for them.

So, if Grayston also joins Project Hydration imagine what difference we can make in people’s lives! To be a part of the project, all you need to do is fill your 2 or 5 litre bottles of water which will be collected in the foyer from Monday to Friday. These bottles will be transported to a drop-off point and sent to those in need. It is that simple! This project is definitely in our reach especially if we all work together during these difficult times. It is as simple as filling up a bottle of water. – The Outreach Team.

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