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Pre Prep Notices 19 May 2017

SEESAW: Don’t forget to sign-up for our new app called SEESAW so that you can share what your child is learning at school. It is very easy to use and can be accessed on you tablet, phone or computer.

Outside Co-Curricular Activities: Due to the hall, hall foyer and Marth’s Lawn being occupied for the Thinking Week starting on Monday, 22 May 2017 till Friday, 26 May 2017 the following will have alternative venues: ballet, Dance Mouse, Clamberclub and Karate.

Thank you: A special thank you to Morningside Shopping Centre for the wonderful sponsorship of the poster frames around campus. These will be put to great use.

Pre Prep Mums’ Breakfast: Thank you to all those mums who worked so hard to organise this function which was thoroughly enjoyed by all who attended. There was a wonderful sense of community which epitomised the familial spirit which Grayston espouses.

Lunchbox donations: We thank all those who participated in our drive for lunchbox donations last week. The response was phenomenal and we really appreciate your support in our outreach endeavours.

Grade 000

  • The winter weather has brought along some runny noses and we suggest that you give your child some sort of immune system booster like Viral Choice to prevent these.
  • Our current theme is Things That Go. Please pop in and see our ‘travelling to school’ graph.
  • This week we learnt how to grate cheese and use this to make a healthy sandwich.

Grade 00

  • The ‘puzzles and games’ duty rosters are on display in the classrooms. Please add your name to the list if you are able to assist.
  • We will be investigating the theme of Transport next week.
  • Our bakers for Monday, 22 May are Hannah More and Jodi Murphy.
  • This week we learnt how to grate cheese and use this to make a healthy sandwich. Click here for the method.

Grade R

  • We were really privileged to welcome Refiloe , a South African children’s author to Grayston. The children loved hearing her read her latest book, How Many Ways Can You Say Hello’ to them and many were delighted to receive their signed copies of the book.
  • The theme of Once Upon A Time continues next week.
  • We will be introducing the letter Ll next week and encourage children to bring items from home which have this letter in their names.
  • The Grade R children will be holding their annual ‘mums and dads tea party’ on Friday, 2 June. This event is for the children only – they should come dressed as mums and dads and will enjoy a traditional tea party. Please send a change of clothes in their bags.
  • Our bakers for Monday, 22 May are Mia Kantor, Radha Kanodia and Anderson London.
  • This week we baked cinnamon sugar pretzels. Click here for the recipe.
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