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Pre Prep Notices 12 May 2017

SEESAW: We are very excited to be using a new app called SEESAW to share what your child is learning at school. The teachers will send home a personalised letter on Monday with sign-up instructions that will enable you to access the class page and your child’s learning journal. Initially we will start by posting photographs and will gradually build up the individual journals.

Care Bear and Cubs Movie Afternoon: Children in Grade 00 and Grade R are invited to join their Care Bears for an afternoon of fun and movies on Friday, 19 May. Please send the reply slip and money to school by Monday, 15 May to facilitate catering.

Grade 000

  • We are practising drying our hands properly after washing to avoid sore, dry skin during the winter months. Please reinforce this at home.
  • Our theme for next week is Things That Go.
  • This week we learnt how to grate ingredients and practised on a bar of Sunlight soap.

Grade 00

  • We are having lots of fun listening to a variety of fairy tales during our theme of Once Upon A Time.
  • This week we learnt how to grate ingredients and practised on a bar of Sunlight soap. Please click here.

Grade R

  • The theme of People Around the World has come to an end. The children enjoyed learning about other countries and their ‘passports’ are full of interesting facts about the places we visited.
  • The theme for next week is Once Upon A Time.
  • We will be introducing the letter Kk next week and encourage children to bring items from home which have this letter in their names.
  • We require assistance for the weekly ‘puzzles and games’ and library mornings. If you are able to volunteer, please add your name to the lists on the glass doors.
  • Our bakers for Monday, 15 May are Eli Hatchuel, Matthew Joseph and Liam Levinson.
  • This week we baked mini pizzas. Perhaps you and your child could try out the recipe for supper over the weekend. Please click here for the recipe.

Birthday Books: A big thank you to everyone who bought birthday books.

  • Matthew De Jong
  • Vanessa De Souza
  • Nikhil Bagratee
  • Tatjana Snyders
  • Christopher Humphreys
  • Maya Russell
  • Anza Mohelo
  • Michael Biggs
  • Peter Beevers
  • Michael Buck
  • Jordan Ramokoka
  • Daniel Kelly
  • Mika Abrahams
  • Ewan Price
  • Willow Holborow-Browne
  • Sophie Beevers
  • Thomas Mcgregor
  • Adam O’flaherty
  • Oliver Kolarik
  • Rania Royker
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