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Pre Prep Notices 03 March 2017

Parent Interviews: We invite all parents to make an appointment to see your child’s teacher between 13 March and 12 April. Each teacher will post an interview schedule on her classroom window on Monday, 6 March so that parents can book a convenient time. These interviews are designed to give you in-depth information about the children’s progress thus far and will be followed by a formal, written report at the end of June.

Dates to Diarise: Please diarise the following dates – details about these events will follow shortly.

  • Pre Prep Specialist Open Morning – Friday 24, March 07:30 to 09:30
  • Grandparents’ Tea Party – Wednesday, 12 April 10:30 (letter going home on Monday, 6 March)

World Book Day: Grayston celebrated World Book Day yesterday. Some very excited children arrived at school and we commend the parents on their enthusiasm and creativity in sourcing such a variety of funky hats and crazy socks – Dr Seuss would have been proud of you! The Hooked on Books show was fantastic as usual and it was wonderful to see our little ones sharing storytime with their older Grayston counterparts when the Care Bears took time out to read to them.

Holiday Care: Please note that Holiday care will be closed on the following dates: 20 March 2017 and 28 April 2017.

Lost Property

  • Please label every item of your children’s clothing so that these can be returned to you if found.
  • Eric Field is still looking for his tracksuit pants and school shoes which are labelled with blue lettering.

Social Cohesion Update: Following on from our surveys which were conducted at the start of the term we would now like to invite parents to attend a focus group to discuss the outcomes of the survey results. Two focus groups will take place with the first on Tuesday 14 March from 6pm – 7:30pm and the second on Wednesday 15 March from 6pm – 7:30pm. Both focus groups will take place in the school staff room. Parents interested in attending are asked to please email Nicole Liebenberg at and state the date of the focus group they would like to participate in.

Co-Curricular: The new co-curricular will be published on Monday, 6 March 2017.

Barefoot day: Thank you to everyone who donated to this wonderful cause. We have collected hundreds of shoes that will definitely make a difference this winter.

Grade 000

  • The Grade 000 children have delighted in the theme of A Squash and a Squeeze, based on Julia Donaldson’s book.
  • Please return the completed family trees by no later than Monday, 6 March.
  • During the baking time this week, the children used bits and pieces to create their own masterpieces and enjoyed sampling the goodies immensely.
  • Our baker for Monday, 6 March is Gabriel Bossenger.

Grade 00

  • The Grade 00 children will continue their exploration of the People Who Help Us next week.
  • Please be sure to pack a healthy snack each day and to send your child’s hat to school. Remember – no hat, no play!
  • Our bakers for Monday, 6 March are Ina Blose and Elliott Campbell.
  • This week we created Smiley Faces during baking. Click here for the recipe.

Grade R

  • The Grade R children had such fun making and modelling Dr Seuss masks.
  • The letter Ff will be introduced next week.
  • The theme, My Family and My Home, continues next week.
  • Please return the questionnaire relating to the home by Friday, 10 March.
  • The bakers for Monday, 6 March are Dylan de Villiers, Diyanah Fazel-Ellahi and Eric Field.
  • We made Provita Snacks during baking this week. Click here for the recipe.
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