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Junior Prep Notices 24 March 2017

Grandparents’ Tea Party: This annual event is to be held on Wednesday, 12 April from 10:30 until 12:00 noon when school closes for the April holidays. Reply slips should have been returned by now so that final arrangements can be made.

Maths Mornings: Please remember to book your spot for one of the Maths Mornings which will take place next week. The booking schedules appear on the classroom windows. The children are looking forward to impressing you with their expertise in Mathematics!

Head of School: Please note that Mrs Ché McKay will be on camp with the Grade 7 learners for the period, 28 March to 31 March. Please direct any communication to Ms Lynda Johnson during this time.

Holiday Care: Holiday care will be closed on Friday, 28 April 2017.

Media Centre: We currently have several exciting displays in the library. Criminally Good Books and Books are better than gold. Also on display is the Human Rights Display as well as our Current Affairs Board. We also have a “thunk” board. This board asks questions to make your brain go ouch!

Interhouse Softball: Please note that the Grayston interhouse softball will take place on Monday 27 March starting at 13h50 – 15h00.

Thinking Week: The school will host a series of five, one-day workshops that, if taken together, provide an introduction to both the concept of the ‘Thinking School,’ and the essential elements within it. Each of the workshops also stands alone. A ‘Thinking School’ is one within which the further development of a student’s capacities as an independent, self-managing and reflective learner drive both teaching and pedagogy. Parents and teachers are invited to attend. Teresa Williams, an International Thinking Schools Facilitator, will be our guest speaker. For more information please email Nicole Liebenberg ( or Nicola Scriven (

Grade One

The Grade Ones are deeply involved in discovering what adaptations animals need to live in different habitats. We have looked at the polar habitat, grassland habitat, forest habitat and the ocean habitat. They will be creating a fantasy animal to live in one of these habitats and will then create a representation of the habitat and place their fantasy animal in it. They will talk about these animals and their adaptations which make them comfortable in the chosen habitat. The children have worked in groups and individually to complete this work and have exercised their creative and critical thinking skills.

Grade Two

  • This week the Grade Twos learnt all about traditional South African homes and cultures. They are about to start putting presentations together to share with their friends in other classes which they are very excited about!
  • Please send old newspapers for us to use for art.

Grade Three

  • The Grade Threes are practising their interviewing skills and are very excited to be interviewing their parents about their occupations. They need to complete the task and be prepared to present the information on Monday, 27 March.
  • They are learning how to tell the time in 5 minute intervals on an analogue clock and need lots of practical exposure to master this skill! Please spend some time practising at home.
  • Please remember that the Senior Prep is away on camp from Tuesday next week and so there will be no school organised co-curricular activities other than the daily reading clubs. The Co-curricular 2 programme takes effect on Monday, 3 April.
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