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Junior Prep Notices 20 January 2017

welcome back to schoolWelcome: We extend a warm welcome to the Grayston family, particularly to our new children and their parents, and look forward to a happy, successful year. The first couple of weeks, as usual, are devoted to helping the children settle into their new environment. Please feel to contact the teacher should you have any concerns.

Documentation: The children took a pack of documents home on Wednesday. We would appreciate it if you could complete these and return them to school as soon as possible.

Grade Three Reminder: Please cover your child’s THRASS dictionary in clear adhesive plastic and return it to school by Monday, 23 January.

‘Feet on the Ground’ Rule: Please be aware that children are not allowed to play on the climbing apparatus in the early morning before school. There are just too many children there and we would rather prevent any accidents from happening. Grade Two and Three children are expected to put their bags outside their classrooms on arrival and then join the rest of the children on the playground. They may not stay upstairs in the Grade Two quad.

School Communication Channels: Communication remains a critical element of school life. Please see how to subscribe to the school webpage and details of how to download the mobile application for android or iOS. Please click here to view more information. Like our page on facebook for up to date news and activities happening at the school. To do so please follow the link.

Tuckshop Cards : A card system called the “Lunch Card” cashless system is used, and all purchases made must be made using this tuck-shop card. This card contains an identification number and photograph of the child. All new learners to Grayston and any learners who were absent last year when the photos for the cards were taken will have their photos taken on Wednesday, 25 January 2017.

Grade 7 Outreach Tops and Tags: The bottle tops and bread tags is an on-going collection.  Please continue to collect and drop them off at school.  There will be labelled collection bins in the PP, JP and SP buildings.

Co-Curricular: All co-curricular activities start on Monday the 23 January 2017. Please click here to view more information on the U9 C0-curricular.

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