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Junior Prep Notices 12 May 2017

SEESAW: We have launched a new app called SEESAW to share what your child is learning at school. The teachers have sent personalised letters home with sign-up instructions that will enable you to access the class page and your child’s learning journal. Initially we will start by posting photographs and will gradually build up the individual journals.

Reading Mornings: We invite all parents to attend the reading morning applicable to your child in order to gain an understanding of the type of activities we use during our daily reading lessons. These games and activities are easily translated into the home and can be used to enhance your child’s reading progress in a fun, interactive way.

  • Grade Three – Monday 29 May 07:30 – 08:30
  • Grade Two – Tuesday 30 May 07:30 – 08:30
  • Grade One – Wednesday 31 May 07:30 – 08:30

Grade One: We have had great fun discovering the many storybook giants that there are to be found. Naming 3D shapes has also been exciting.

Grade Two: Excitement has abounded in the Grade Two classrooms as the children share what they know about animals. This week, camouflage was discussed and they were fascinated by how well animals manage to hide themselves.

Grade Three

  • We have spent the week investigating maps and learning about the continents. The children were amazed at how much more water than land there is on Earth!
  • Excitement about the sports fixtures continues. Please check the website to make sure the children know when and where they are playing and ensure that they have the correct match kit at school. Tracksuits are a must as the weather gets colder.

Birthday Books: A big thank you to everyone who bought birthday books.

  • Matthew De Jong
  • Vanessa De Souza
  • Nikhil Bagratee
  • Tatjana Snyders
  • Christopher Humphreys
  • Maya Russell
  • Anza Mohelo
  • Michael Biggs
  • Peter Beevers
  • Michael Buck
  • Jordan Ramokoka
  • Daniel Kelly
  • Mika Abrahams
  • Ewan Price
  • Willow Holborow-Browne
  • Sophie Beevers
  • Thomas Mcgregor
  • Adam O’flaherty
  • Oliver Kolarik
  • Rania Royker
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