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Junior Prep Notices 10 March 2017

Parent Interviews: We invite all parents to make an appointment to see your child’s teacher between 13 March and 12 April. Teachers have posted their interview schedules on their classroom windows so that parents can book convenient times. These interviews are designed to give you in-depth information about the children’s progress thus far. If you have already met with the teacher this term, please choose a time towards the end of the term for your interview.

Grandparents’ Tea Party: This annual event is to be held on Wednesday, 12 April. A letter detailing procedure went home on Monday. Please return the reply slips by no later than Friday, 24 March to facilitate catering. Should you have any queries in this regard, please contact Lynda Johnson (

Maths Mornings: We are planning a series of Maths Mornings and would love you to attend one of these in order to gain some insight into the way that your children learn this very important subject.

  • Grade One and Grade Two – Monday 27 March, Tuesday 28 March or Wednesday 29 March
  • Grade Three – Monday 27 March, Tuesday 28 March or Monday 3 April
  • Each set of parents is invited to attend ONE of the mornings in your child’s classroom for a period of only one hour at the start of the day (07:30 to 08:30).
  • We can only accommodate a small group of parents per class each day because of limited space.
  • We request that you book your session by adding your CHILD’S NAME to the list on the classroom window (available from 13 March). The places are available on a first come, first served basis.
  • Each morning’s session will follow the normal classroom routine and will demonstrate a typical Mathematics lesson. Your role as parents will be interested observers – watch the type of activities in which children are typically involved; note how they all set about solving problems in different ways; enjoy the excitement that they demonstrate when they are involved in their learning and, of course, revel in the delight they take in having you visit their learning environments!

Staff News: We congratulate the following staff members on their pregnancies: Kate Dixon, Phili Jones, Ruth Buck & Andrea Anderson.   

Holiday Care: Please note that Holiday care will be closed on the following dates: 20 March 2017 and 28 April 2017.

Biathle 17 March 2017: It is that time of the year again and everyone is looking forward to this event. The Biathle is open to children from Grade 1 – 7 and each year this race proves to be a success. There are two more events that have been added into the programme to allow more children to compete. These events are non-competitive, but the learners will still receive a goodie bag and medal. If you have any queries related to this event, please feel free to contact Nicola Scriven (

Thinking Week: Is a series of five, one-day workshops that, if taken together, provide an introduction to both the concept of the ‘Thinking School,’ and the essential elements within it. Each of the workshops also stands alone. A ‘Thinking School’ is one within which the further development of a student’s capacities as an independent, self-managing and reflective learner drive both teaching and pedagogy. Parents and teachers are invited to attend. Teresa Williams an International Thinking Schools Facilitator will be our guest speaker. For more information please email Nicole Liebenberg ( or Nicola Scriven (

Grade One

  • This week saw the Grade Ones wrapping up their theme on Stories. Next week we enter into an investigation of Animals and will learn about basic habitats and how animals are adapted to suit the environment in which they live.
  • During the next fortnight, the children will bring home new ‘red’ reading words. Please cut these up and add them to the pink words they already have. These new words will extend their ability to build new and interesting sentences as part of their reading activities.
  • Please continue to read to your children every day. It is such a good way to develop vocabulary and an ear for the flow of reading.

Grade Two

  • The Grade Twos are really enjoying creating books and artworks about their fantasy homes. They are thinking flexibly and being very creative!

Grade Three

  • This week, the Grade Threes have ventured Out and About and will be learning about the history of Grayston and the amazing people that have made our school what it is today!
  • We had a wonderful time on Thursday visiting the Holy Family College. The children so enjoyed learning about schools of the past and got to experience a 1905 school day. What fun it was to dress up in pinafores and sailor suits and use a dipping pen with a nib and ink!
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