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Grade 4 Social Sciences Cycle Test 24 February 2016

bigstock-Test-word-on-white-keyboard-27134336GRADE 4 CYCLE TEST INFORMATION

TERM 1 (24 February 2016)


You will be tested on:

  1. The history of Grayston Preparatory School
  1. Different types of settlements
  1. Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela
  • Gandhi`s first humiliating experience in SA
  1. Different types of buildings and their uses


It really helps to create mind maps, don’t forget colour and keywords. On the morning of the cycle test, you will hand in your  study notes along with your books.

Make sure you have a ruler and a HB pencil.

Social Science is generally a subject that relies on memory, so reading through the notes is simply not enough. For those of you who suffer from ‘test stress’, I will be there for you when you are writing, as well as your class teachers. There are no trick questions. Indeed, the test has been designed so that you can succeed.

Please feel free to ask me any questions you may have before the test.

Good luck!

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