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Class and Sport Photographs Order Process 2016

To View and Order Class and Sport Photographs please see below:
Step 1:
You may now login to the site at:
Step 2:
Username: grayston
Password: gray210
Step 3:
Once ready to order click on Pickup (no Shipping Charge) or
enter your own address for delivery. If you chose the delivery option you will charged for delivery.
All Pickup Orders will be dropped and distributed at Grayston Prep.
Step 4:
Once the ordering process is complete banking details will be sent. Please do an EFT to event Pics using the banking details provided.
For queries please contact Anne from EventPics.
“Be The First to Get The Picture”

Mobile : +27 (0)82 371 5279
Telephone : +27 (0)11 803 8983
Facsimile Int : +27 (0)11 234 0496
Website :
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