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Technology at Grayston Prep plays an important role in the education of a Grayston pupil. Whether in the library, classrooms around campus, or even at home, the mission of the Information Technology department remains the same: we aim to provide technology resources, training, and support to continually improve teaching and learning at Grayston. We believe GPS programs should effectively use technologies in the advancement of education.

Technology will teach learners the opportunity to learn:

  • To solve problems in creative ways;
  • To use authentic contexts rooted in real situations outside the classroom;
  • To combine thinking and doing in a way that links abstract concepts to concrete understanding;
  • To evaluate existing products and processes; and to evaluate their own products;
  • To use and engage with knowledge in a purposeful way;
  • To deal with inclusivity, human rights, social and environmental issues in their tasks;
  • To use a variety of life skills in authentic contexts (such as decision making, critical and creative thinking, cooperation, problem solving and needs identification);
  • While creating positive attitudes, perceptions and aspirations towards technology-based careers.
  • To work collaboratively with others: