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Academic Curriculum

What a Grayston Education should include:

  • Basic academic skills: in reading, writing, math, science, his- tory, civics, geography, and a foreign language.
  • Critical thinking and problem solving: analysing information, applying ideas to new situations, and developing knowledge using computers.
  • Social skills and work ethic: communication skills, personal responsibility, and getting along with others from varied back- grounds.
  • Citizenship: public ethics; knowing how government works; and participating by voting, volunteering, and becoming active in community life.
  • Physical health: good habits of exercise and nutrition. 
  • Emotional health: self-confidence, respect for others, and the ability to resist peer pressure to engage in irresponsible personal behaviour.
  • The arts and literature: participation in and appreciation of musical, visual, and performing arts as well as a love of literature.